Silk Painted Scarves

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About Silk Marble Studio Silk Painted Scarves...

I thoroughly enjoy silk painting. I create all on own designs which I sketch first and then transfer the design onto the silk. I use a gutta resist to outline the design and work with French silk dyes to blend, shade and color my design. Steaming sets the dyes and gives the silk a soft, luxurious feel. One day I was looking at a scarf I had marbled and thought, “what else can I do with this” and hit upon the idea of silk painting over the marbled design. I have a lot of fun doing these designs…they are usually rather whimsical.
Not all of my designs use the resists. Many are done in a free flow of dye and manipulated either by varying the drying time or moving the dye around with a diluent (alcohol and water). Examples of this are “Coral Reef” and “Stardust”. Because of the free flow nature of these designs, each scarf is unique. The same colors and same technique can be employed to create similar designs, but they will never be exactly the same. Even the temperature and humidity in my studio can influence the flow of the dyes. But that’s what makes it fun and challenging.
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