Category: La Petite Ponshea

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere Ponshea

Wild and crazy colors are hand painted on crepe de chine to create this vibrant ponshea.    

Malibu Sunset Ponshea

The setting sun off the California coast inspired the colors of this ponshea, hand painted on silk chiffon.    

Circular Logic Ponshea

Circles within circles all hand painted with silk dyes on crepe de chine.    

Blue Ginkgo Ponshea

Striking blue ginkgo’s on a black background. Hand painted with silk dyes on crepe de chine.    


Leaves of gingko’s dance around this Ponshea in hues of yellow, green and russet, made more brilliant with a black background. Very elegant.    


“Echoes” is something completely different. Circles upon circles, outlined in bronze and copper resist and silk painted with shades of imagination.  

Parallel Dreams

“Parallel Dreams” is a wild piece of bright, vibrant colors. Want to make a statement-this Ponshea is it!

Northern Lights

“Northern Lights” is a flowing pattern of blue, green and purple with a border in indigo. Rich colors blend to add drama and sophistication.    

Ocean Current

“Ocean Current” moves and flows like the ocean current in light blue, light green and turquoise swirling across the Ponshea.  

Earth’s Rainbow

“Earth’s Rainbow” is a delicious mix of earth tones with a purple border. This can be your “go to” cover because the range of hues and colors will enhance almost any color you put with it.