Care Instructions

How to Care for Your Silk Scarf

Vibrant-PoppiesHand wash in cool water with a mild liquid detergent (Ivory liquid or even a mild shampoo). DO NOT WRING, gently squeeze water out of the scarf. Lie flat or hang to dry. Using a dry iron set on the “silk” setting, press the back side of the scarf while still slightly damp. Pressing on the back side is particularly important when pressing a silk painted scarf that used gutta resist. If you press on the front side, the iron will “catch” on the resist.

Although most of the silk pieces have been steam set, it is possible some dye will rise out of the scarf – this is normal and nothing to worry about.


How to Care for Your Silk Hanging

Grape-HarvestDO NOT place your silk hanging in direct sun light. Neither the silk nor the dyes are UV stable and will quickly fade if exposed to direct sun light.

You can hand wash this piece using a very mild detergent (actually baby shampoo works well). Do not twist or wring it out. Instead, lay it flat on a towel and pat it dry. While it is still slightly damp, press it on the back side with a dry iron set on the silk setting. If you should need to press the front side, put a piece of cotton over the design and press with a dry iron on the silk setting. For stains, dip a q-tip into diluted detergent and very gently rub the stain. Wipe away any remaining detergent with water and dry press the spot to avoid a water ring.

Silk hangings can also be dry cleaned. Just let the dry cleaner know the dyes and gutta have been steam set but still need to be carefully handled.